Snap on Smile

Get back your confidence to smile with an affordable solution regardless of your age.

Snap on Smile is made of thin, durable material that is a painless, non-permanent option to improve your smile This alternative to cosmetic surgery is created to fit each person’s mouth fir a discreet appearance. The snap on appliance looks like natural, white teeth and you can eat and drink as you usually do.

The benefits are:

  • They cover stained, crooked, or missing teeth
  • Can improve your smile if you are not a candidate for implants or bridges
  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • They are reversible and removable at any time

At your first appointment, our dentist will complete an exam to ensure you are a candidate and if you are, will take an impression of your teeth. Approximately 3 weeks later, you will come back so our dentist can fit your Snap on Smile and if needed make any minor adjustments. The dentist will also provide you with instructions on how to keep them looking new and bright. If you are wanting a brighter and even Hollywood smile, book a free consultation today to determine is you are a candidate for Snap on Smile.

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