Hygiene Services

While we do technically get two sets of teeth in our lifetime, the timing of that second set coming in is not up to the individual. If we could just use (and abuse) our baby teeth for as long as possible, and then have a brand new set to last us for the rest of our lives... Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Having a full set of healthy teeth is very important to one's quality of life, for how it makes you feel both physically and mentally. Improper care can lead to serious problems with your gums and teeth, as can other life complications such as illness. When your smile is not at its best, you're not at your best.

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day are an important regimen for maintaining a healthy mouth, but it's not enough on its own to ensure that your teeth and gums will be as healthy as possible throughout your life. Regular visits with us are also necessary, for general care such as examinations and cleanings as well as preventative care such as flouride treatments or periodontal treatments.

Once you've lost your baby teeth, there's no going back. Get in touch with us today at (905) 476-5333 to schedule your next hygiene appointment.