Invisalign Invisible Braces

If you are bothered by the way your teeth look or work - if you have crowded or crooked teeth or an over or under bite - but can't imagine the prospect of wearing traditional metal braces, come and see us about Invisalign®. This simple technology straightens your teeth with a series of clear removable aligners that you wear all the time, except when you're eating or drinking.

With traditional braces, a bracket is attached (glued) to each tooth and a wire is fitted to the brackets. The wire is pulled such that it moves each tooth into proper alignment, often with the aid of elastics. The wire needs to be adjusted regularly to attain the final goal of having your teeth in their proper places in relation to each other. This process can be uncomfortable for the patient, particularly in the days immediately following each adjustment.

Using Invisalign to correct orthodontic problems is generally a more comfortable process, as the treatment plan uses a large number of very small movements to align the teeth. More importantly for many of our clients, no one will know you are wearing them. Book an appointment with us today to learn if this treatment option is the right way for you to achieve that beautiful smile you've always wanted!