How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleaning?

Are you overdue for your dental cleaning appointment? Getting our teeth cleaned regularly is one of the best decisions you can make for your oral health. But sometimes, our overbearing schedules or anxiety can prevent us from making these regular appointments.

Cedarwood Dental takes great care to make your dental cleaning appointment easy, fast, and simple. Keep reading to find out exactly what goes on during your appointment, and just how easy it can be!

How Often Should You Have a Dental Cleaning?

A dental cleaning is part of a healthy oral health regimen. The regularity of these appointments depends on the patient, but usually once or twice a year suffices. Remember, even if you feel that your teeth are clean, it’s best to get a professional to assess them. The early signs of gum disease are often difficult to detect, and plaque build-up can really sneak up on you.

If you’re a new patient to Cedarwood Dental, check out our New Patient form here. Otherwise, keep reading to find out all the details about your next teeth cleaning appointment!

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

Many people dread teeth cleanings. Between the strange tools, bizarre noises, and occasional discomfort, it’s completely understandable to be apprehensive. But with proper knowledge, we can dispel unfounded fears. Going to the dentist for a cleaning is pretty simple. Here’s what will happen when you visit us at Cedarwood Dental.

  1. A physical exam: Using a small mirror, the dental hygienist checks for potential concerns
  2. Remove plaque and tartar: Continuing with the mirror, the hygienist scrapes plaque and tartar away with a scaler.
  3. Gritty toothpaste cleaning: Using a high-powered electric brush and grainy toothpaste, the hygienist polishes your teeth
  4. Expert flossing: Once cleared of plaque, the hygienist does the same in between teeth using floss
  5. Rinsing: Next you rinse any debris out of your mouth
  6. Fluoride treatment: A foamy gel or sticky paste is applied to your teeth as a protectant layer

See? That’s nothing to worry about. Keep reading to better understand dental cleanings and dispel any worries you might have!

Why Dental Cleanings Are Necessary

Over time, wear and tear and regular plaque and tartar build-up can cause some serious problems in your mouth! Dental cleanings are a necessary measure to avoid those worst outcomes. They also serve to keep your mouth in tip-top shape. Not only does this boost your confidence with your smile, but it also improves your overall physical health.

When your oral health is poor, this can cause problems systemically. That’s why it’s important to get regular checkups and have a proper at-home care routine. For information on how to take care of your teeth at home in between visits, continue reading!

How Often Are Dental Cleanings Necessary

Every patient we have the pleasure of serving at Cedarwood Dental is unique and so is their oral health. That means that the amount of dental cleaning each patient requires is unique as well. Some patients are more likely to develop dental issues, which makes frequent cleanings necessary. Other patients hardly experience any dental issues, meaning they visit us less frequently.

The general rule of thumb is that patients should make an appointment for a professional cleaning every six months. Although this is the most ideal setup, some will need to come every three months and others will only need to come annually.

The only way to find out how often you will need dental cleanings is to contact us and book your consultation now!

What to do in Between Teeth Cleanings

In between visiting our offices in Keswick Ontario, there are a couple of good hygiene habits you can follow to ensure good oral health and an easier time during your next visit. Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. You can also use mouthwash and floss to take your at-home care routine even further.

Remember, bacteria grows everywhere in your mouth, so your teeth aren’t the only important part to clean!

When Was Your Last Dental Cleaning?

Are you currently due for a dental cleaning? If you’ve missed your last dental cleaning or haven’t had one at all in the past year, then making an appointment immediately is the best decision you can make for your oral health.

We’re all busy bees nowadays, but understand that Cedarwood Dental takes pride in making your dental cleaning visit simple and easy. You’ll be able to schedule your appointment around work or any other essential daily routine.

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Book Your Dental Cleaning Appointment With Cedarwood Dental

Getting a regular dental cleaning is critical to good oral health. With regular cleanings, you can be confident that your smile is in the best shape possible. And beyond aesthetics, dental cleanings protect you from cavities, gum disease and other overall health problems. Now that you understand what happens during a dental cleaning appointment, reach out to Cedarwood Dental and book your appointment. You can be sure that we’ll make the whole process as simple and convenient as possible.

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