How to be the Best Tooth Fairy for Your Kids

There are only a few opportunities in life to practice real magic, and becoming the tooth fairy is one of them. It’s a right of passage for parents, and for most, it’s important to make the moment special. The wonder and awe of believing in fantasy and magic can only last so long in children. So let’s explore some tooth fairy tips together and discover how to become the best tooth fairy possible!

Losing a tooth is a huge moment for a child. And as a parent, you can bring magic and wonder to this special time. Keep reading with Cedarwood Dental to find out more.

The Best Tooth Fairy Tips for Parents

Just like most parenting realities, being the tooth fairy gets easier as your child gets older. You can expect an eight or nine-year-old to get excited about a loonie or toonie, but children younger than these ages will be happier with a special treat. Depending on how extravagant you want to get with it, the Tooth Fairy is a magical and mysterious character. You can get creative here and fill in the details of the story yourself. Then you can follow through with treats, toys, or oddities that match your story.

Make your treat a complete experience with special touches like:

  • Glitter acting like pixie dust
  • A handwritten note
  • A kiss on the forehead in colourful lipstick

Remember! Fairies are colourful, wonderful creatures that elicit fun and wonder. So get creative with your choices and make the moment memorable for you and your child.

Now let’s get into the specifics. What tips can you follow to be the best possible Tooth Fairy?

1. Make a plan

The first, and potentially most important step: plan ahead. You never know precisely when a child is going to lose their first tooth, but you can make an educated guess when you see one starting to loosen. As a general rule, make sure to keep the Tooth Fairy a light, fun character. And think ahead about not getting caught!

If dental anxiety is keeping you from enjoying this moment with your child, give our article a read here. It’ll give you some tips to overcome dental anxiety– after all, no tooth fairy fears a tooth!

2. Don’t Forget

Are you the type of person who gets so busy at night that they forget important things? Or do you go to bed early to meet a demanding schedule? If this is the case, put in the extra effort on the days your child loses a tooth. Set an alarm or a reminder on your phone. Get your things ready so it only takes a few moments. Remember, it might seem silly to us, but to a child, losing a tooth is a big occasion!

If you’re looking for some inspiration on the tooth fairy throughout history, give this Forbes article a read here. Understanding the cultural background of the tooth fairy will give you some creative ideas to bring to your child’s first visit!

3. Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations

Make sure to collect your ideas and prioritize the best ones. Don’t try too many things at once. If you succeed, you’ll set a standard you’ll need to follow. And because kids lose a lot of teeth in quick succession, you’ll need to repeat this process a lot! Otherwise, trying to do too much leads to sloppiness, which takes away the magic of the moment.

Remember, kids don’t need much to make a happy memory. The best part of the tooth fairy coming to visit is the moments of joy you’ll share together in the morning.

4. Make sure you’re stocked up

Most children will lose all of their baby teeth by the time they are twelve years old, and they start losing them from ages 6-8. That means that in the period of a few short years, the tooth fairy is going to visit a lot! And if you have more than one child in this age gap, the tooth fairy is surely going to be extra busy!

So be a savvy parent and stay stocked up on the tooth fairy essentials. Keep your glitter stocked. Make sure you have your rewards on hand. And have a story or magical moment ready. Remember, the magic you bring to this moment will create lasting memories for you and your child.

5. Master the swap technique

Ah, the swap: the true test for all parents. Can you snatch your child’s tooth from under their pillow and replace it with a coin or prize, all without being caught? The tooth fairy is light on their feet– they can fly you know! So make sure to be careful when you go to make the swap. If your child wakes up during this moment, then all your planning was for nothing.

A good tip is to tire your child out before bed on days they’ve lost a tooth. That way, when it’s time for the tooth fairy to spread its wings and do its job, they’re less likely to have an awake child meet them.

6. Use the dentist to get your kid excited about their teeth

By the time your child has started to lose their baby teeth, they should be used to regular dental appointments. But if you talk about it with your dentist, you can work together to get your kid excited about their teeth and the tooth fairy with positive experiences at the office! There’s no one more excited about teeth than our professional team at Cedarwood Dental. So bring your kid in for a special visit and we’ll make sure to make the incoming tooth fairy visit a beautiful memory!

Get Your Kid Excited About Their Teeth With Cedarwood Dental

You can expect your child to lose all twenty of their baby teeth within the span of a few years. That means it’s going to be a busy season! To be a pro tooth fairy, remember to plan ahead, stay stocked up, and get excited with your child! It’s important to remember that losing a tooth can be meaningful to a child.

One of the best ways you can get your kid excited about their teeth is by bringing them into the office at Cedarwood Dental. No one loves teeth more than our team of professionals! If you communicate with us ahead of time, we can structure a cleaning visit to deliver a fun experience to get them excited for the incoming tooth fairy visit!

So give us a call at 905-476-5333. We’re looking forward to helping you become the best tooth fairy parent out there.

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